The Limitations Of Hypnotherapy?

Limitations of hypnotherapyThe Limitations of hypnotherapy? In some corners of the internet you will find claims of the amazing healing powers of hypnosis. You will also find sorts of tapping therapies to ‘cure’ the most distressing of mental health issues. As well as sightings of Elvis in fast food outlets. In the UK, the Advertising Standards Agency does have jurisdiction over the contents of online media, but unfortunately only with limited powers.

I know hypnotherapy will have a beneficial effect for the majority of people; and let’s be honest here “the majority” means there will be some people who will not benefit. So, does that mean hypnosis can harm you? No, it would take a particularly ham fisted troglodyte of a therapist to cause harm. They may well upset or insult you, but not  harm you. In my experience, about 8 out of 10 people who I see for a first session, will get the result they want.

I once saw an idiotic ad by a therapist offering cancer cures. This is illegal for one and stupid for another. Hypnosis will work as a good adjunct to conventional medicine but it must never be considered as an alternative to it. If you have a disease you need a doctor. If you have a mental health issue, you still need to start by seeing a doctor. The Limitations of hypnotherapy?
There are something’s I don’t do. Hypnosis for breast enlargements strikes me as plain silly, as does a virtual gastric band surgical procedure. If you can believe you had surgery in a hospital because of hypnosis, then use that same openness to hypnosis and address the  causes which drive your obese behaviours to start with.