The Types Of Hypnotherapy

Types of hypnotherapyWhat types of hypnotherapy are there? What is the therapy in Hypnotherapy? When you decide to contact a hypnotherapist, what sort of help, what sort of ‘therapy’ can you can expect to get? Hypnosis is what your brain does, it is an entirely natural state. The question is, how is it used for a therapeutic benefit?

There are three distinct therapeutic approaches

1) Symptom-centric Therapy. This is where a therapist focuses completely on the symptom and nothing else. This is the easiest style of therapy a school can teach, so the majority of therapist take this approach. It is prescriptive. ‘My patient has X so I must do Y’. (It is as complicated as a monkey reading a script.) You may as well pay money to listen to a tape recording, or download an mp3. Occasional it works out well.

2) Device-centric Therapy. This is all about the technique. Some therapists love hypno-analysis, others only do age regression, or ‘the feeling bridge’. So come what may, whatever the patient presents to them, they will use this, their favourite technique. They use it  because it is what they know, and they had some success with it in the past and it is what they learned . The problem is you, the client, must fit the tool, the tool is not chosen to best fit you.

3) Patient-centric Therapy. This means I treat the person, that is you, the person sitting in the comfy chair, and not the problem as a divorced entity. I take a case history and create your therapy approach based of my experience and the information you share with me. All of which is unique to you.

Both symptom-centric and device-centric therapy fail to take any deliberate advantage of the nature and qualities of the patient as a unique individual. It is like deciding to make a souffle without noticing that your ingredients are ground beef, kidney beans and red chilies.

When you make an appointment with me, you will be seeing a therapist who works with the patients as a unique individual. I saw my first client in 2007, and I have learned from every single person I have helped. A state of mind called hypnosis is instant, hypnotherapy can take a few hours with a therapist who has experience of many years.