Toilet Fears

 toilet fear

Toilet Fear. I know it is a common concern, using a public toilet, some women particularly avoid it. I have helped clients with this fear but also with what I believe is a bigger fear and not widely known about:  the panic felt at not being able to get to one in case of a desperate need.

There is no neat name for it, that I can find. There seems to be no “….aphobia” name and the fear is more of a panic attack in nature. The panic of not being able to find a toilet, or not being able to get to a toilet in time which is, I believe, a lot more common than realised.

Commuter Dread

I live in a London suburb, hundreds of people commute from here everyday, and amongst them I know are dozens of sufferers. I get a steady number of people come to my clinic and ask for help of this kind.

They dread the daily commute, the crowds and the ‘trapped-ness’ of it. The hour or more stuck in a small space, obsessing, focusing on any tiny feeling in their body that may be a toilet need. Creating a panic, which does nothing other than magnify the feelings.

They have routines for coping. They get up extra early so they can stand in exactly the right place on the platform where to doors will open. So they can get the only okay seat where they can absorb themselves in phone gaming. They can cope. Unless the train becomes delayed, or it is a shorter one than expected, a signal failure delays them at a standstill for thirty minutes. Then the toilet fear, the panic attacks.

I can help with this type of emotional overwhelm.