Sexual Performance Anxiety

Hypnosis and solving sexual performance anxietySex Anxiety. If you have found this web page because you are looking for this type of help, you already know it is a big deal.

I run a specialist clinic dealing with sexual performance anxiety, you  will find a lot of information on this companion website.  I have run this clinic since 2007, which means I have seen a lot of guys, and made a lot of difference.

Sex anxiety is one of the most cruel conditions I have ever worked with. As human beings we have an innate, in built desire for sex. It is all about the continuation of the species. It is a rare man who can suppress his natural urges and desires. But we also avoid pain, physical and emotion pain. The type of pain from repeated erection failure, and the disappointment of a partner, (who of course blames herself). The type of pain of embarrassment of trying again and failing. You have the desire to do and the desire to avoid failing.

If you are, for example, freaked out by clowns, you can go through life without clowns, clowns are not that important. No one has an inbuilt desire, an urge to be around clowns. You can’t do that with sex. It is everywhere, it is unavoidable, and you cannot stop the urge.

The most common thing I hear from my sex anxiety clients is this.

“I can get away with it on a one night stand, I can often manage something when it means nothing in terms of an emotional connection. But, it is always much more difficult the more the person means something to me.

The greater the emotional connection, the greater the erection difficulties. When it means something, when this is the person you have loved, laughed, shared personal time with, then it means something if the ‘old problem’ come back again. There is a relationship in place. It is personal. It is not some quick f*** to laugh off along with the hangover.

Start a conversation with me, this is an area of therapy I am experienced in. I get good results.