Paruresis – Shy Bladder

Paruresis - is a type of phobia, a type where sufferer is unable to urinate in the real or imaginary presence of others. Often in public toilets, it is also called shy bladder.paruresis

But you know that, otherwise why would you be reading this page. The question is, what to do about paruresis.

As I have been lucky to work with enough sufferers to believe I have a decent understanding of the issue. Most men tell me it is not the 'not going' that is the real problem. It is the noticing by others that he is not going, which is worse.  There is the perception of a man standing at a urinal holding himself and doing nothing else, as being  odd.

I am repeatedly told, it is the perception of distance which is a key part of the problem. How far away is anyone else? One part of the solution is to grow that comfort zone of distance. Another is to accept the sound of urinating. Many guys have told me the sound of a stream of urine splashing in to a bowl is deeply uncomfortable for them. This should be the sound of success, the end of paruresis.

Become Invisible

The problem, and the solution, is one of feelings. Logic tells us, a man walking into a public toilet is never going to become interested in what you are doing. He is there for his own needs. But it does not feel that way does it? It feels like you are centre stage, you have an attentive audience and you have no idea of how to perform.

In a public toilet and needing to, is one of the few times when you need to feel insignificant. When it is important to know and understand you are not in the spotlight and you are as good as invisible and so are they, in the urinals next door, as good as invisible to you.

Hypnotherapy is excellent at changing these perceptions.

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