Panic Attacks

Panic AttackPanic Attack. “It just comes from nowhere and wham, you lose it, just lose it.” I have heard it described this way so many time from my clients. There is no logic or reason to it. After a while you can begin to predict what places and circumstances are likely to start you off. Which is a cold comfort, for when the panic attacks, it attacks.

Technically, a panic attack is an arousal of the autonomic nervous system. That’s the bit of you, which controls your heart rate, your digestion, how much you sweat, the need to urinate, and your rate of breathing.

The key to change these conditions is to learn to control your imagination. I know what it is like, I have experienced it. My imagination hijacks any small doubt and magnifies it into a complete disaster.  In the moment the only helpful thing is to ride it out; breathe. All panic attacks come to an end.

Expectations Of A Panic Attack.

Dread of a panic attack is the most hurtful part. I have spoken to many who fear when the next one will happen. The event itself is ‘manageable’  in someways, for it is now familiar. You know what is going to happen. You could even begin to believe this is who you are. It is not and should not be.

It is the waiting, the not knowing  when it will happen again that seems the hardest part. But what if you began to realise your ability to have a panic attack was slipping away from you? If it happened again it would be so far away, almost removed from you. What if the way of feeling was to change? This is what I am good at.

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