Interview and Exam Nerves

Exam and interview nervesExam and interview nerves. Exams and interviews have something in common. You are putting yourself up for judgment. You are asking someone else, often a stranger to have an opinion of you, to look at your faults and decide if you are good enough. Would anyone want to volunteer for that?

Often you don’t have the choice. It has to happen. Exams are critical in our competitive world. Once the exams have passed it is on to the interviews and more scrutiny.

When it comes to exams I can’t teach you knowledge, wit or the ability to calculate. No, what I can do, and have done for many, is give you the belief you can. I can give you a feeling that you can recall under stress all the information you do know already. That the ninety minutes you have to do the work is enough and you can structure your time and think. The two key to exam success are knowing your stuff, and doing away with the emotional overwhelm. It is the second one I can help with.


Which are not too dissimilar to an interview situation. Your CV got you the interview, it is you who will get you the job, or not. The best interviews happen when you are calm, collected and unhurried. When you have the courage to speak about yourself, to declare what is best about you. None of which will happen if you are a nervous wreck, a shuddering sweat ball, or tongue tied. Calming the emotions, controlling the nerves is what I am good at.

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