Your First Hypnotherapy Session

First Hypnotherapy Session
In your first hypnotherapy session, I need to answer two questions. Can I hypnotise you, and what is the structure of the problem. Most people will respond well to a hypnotic induction. A response which is good enough for something therapeutic, something beneficial to take place.  Besides, I need to understand the problem, how it works inside your head for me to be able to make changes. This is known as called taking a case history from you. It is not all about me asking questions though, I want you to ask anything you want to know too. There can be no secrets if this is going to work out well.

I do all the hard work.

My job is to create a therapeutic process to fit the unique person sitting in front of me. It’s not all talk though, you can expect hypnosis in our first hypnotherapy session together. I do not do ‘fluffy’ – I do good clinical hypnosis. I care about and take care of my clients. Which for me does not involve incense, candles, relaxing background music, or chimes. Everyone I see is a different and unique human being who does what he or she does in his or her own way. I am interested in what you do inside your head. I am interested in how I can influence you to do it in a different way that is better for you on the inside and the outside.

Hypnosis is instant, using it to help or heal can take a few hours with a therapist who has practiced for a few years