Fear Of Flying

Fear Of FlyingThe Fear Of Flying. We all know flying is safe, very safe, but it does not feel safe. That is the problem, we feel too much about it. The fear of flying is not about logic and reason,it is about emotional overwhelm. It is the dread of ‘something happening’. Most time you don’t even want to thinks bout what that ‘something’ is, but it is there. The dread does not go away just because you try not to think about it.


Hypnosis is a great answer for most people for the fear of flying. It does one thing  different, it does not try to reason with you, it does not try to talk you out of it. It ‘feels’ you out of it.

I know you have imagined,or actually have, sat in a plane seat and felt  awful. You  focus on the churn in your stomach, crashing heartbeat and sweaty palms. Next to you, all around you are people being indifferent. Reading a magazine, gaming on a phone, drinking, as if they are not in a plane at all.

That is the key, they don’t feel like they are in a plane at all. Most likely for them, it is boring, tedious and a chore. Just a chore to ignore on the way to somewhere much better.

So, how do they feel that way and you don’t, and perhaps you believe you never will. The answer is because they have learned to feel differently about it. It is the same plane in the same weather going to the same place. Only the internal feelings are different.

This is what hypnotherapy is really good at; changing internal states of feeling.

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