Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety DisorderAnxiety Disorder. A little bit of fear, some caution, even a little anxiety can be a good thing. It is like teaching a child to be careful of a hot pan on the stove, we want that small fear to be in place to protect. The problem is, when the fear is much bigger than the real danger. When the imagination takes over and no rational thoughts remain. Then, everyday life becomes a difficult place to be.

I have met many people whose whole life has shrunk down to a handful of routines and rituals. They are able to cope with only a few places, a couple of people and activities without getting the overwhelm of anxiety. Heart palpitations, massive sweats, gasping for breath and mad toilet dashes have become the norm. No amount of reasoning, logical or rational thought is going to change that. Emotions are not logical, you cannot reason with them and expect to succeed, but they can change, given the right tools.

How to treat Anxiety Disorder.

No one can bring years of anxiety disorder, fear and dread to my therapy room and expect to be made well in an hour.  I would want to be better as quick as possible too, but the way to do it is one piece at a time. My first job with an anxiety disorder is to give the person an experience of making something better. Anything better. If they can experience a success in even the most minor aspect of the entire problem it is a valuable lesson. That lesson is, nothing is stuck, fixed or permanent. Once one aspect changes the prospect, the floodgates open for all other parts of the anxiety disorder to change too. Hypnotherapy works very well for most people most of the time.

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