How Many Hypnosis Sessions Do I Need?

How many hypnotherapy sessions? This is a common question, and I can understand because I’d want a fix in the shortest possible time too. TheHypnotherapy Sessions Do I Need problem is, I don’t know what it will take for you specifically. I can tell you what is typical, what is the most common. Three Sessions is Typical.   We will find out together if you are the exception to this.

I don’t do ‘fluffy’ – I do good clinical hypnosis. I care about and take care with my clients. Which for me does not involve incense, candles, relaxing background music, or chimes. Everyone I see is a different and unique human being who does what he does in his own way. I am interested in what you do inside your head. I am interested in how I can influence you to do it in a different way that is better for you on the inside and the outside. Hypnosis is instant. Using it to help and to change can take a few hours with a therapist who has practiced for a few years.

How Many Hypnotherapy Sessions?

Sometimes the ‘one session cure’ happens and everything changes in one sessions. This is the exception; this happens three or four times a year at best.I use hypnotism to give a patient a new, better way of responding to a particular stimulus. You get a new way to behave and a new way to think. Often this happens  quickly. But a new pattern of behaviour has to compete with the old one. If the old behaviour has had years of practice and reinforcement you can expect it to be strong. A new patterns needs exercising and strengthening. It isn’t about bringing 15 years of anxiety disorder onto my couch and walking away forever to be cool, calm and composed a couple of hours later, it is about moving things one step at a time.

You get homework and you get to participate fully in your recovery. If you expect someone to wave a wand and make you well in minutes, you need a magician rather than a clinical hypnotist. What you will always get is someone who is on your side and who will always be honest with you. – 020 8647 7441.