Start A Conversation With Me

nostalgia-997273_1920The easiest way is to call me, we will chat. 0208 647 7441 Or email -

or you may wish to contact me using a more generic email address to help keep things confidential

When we start a conversation, my first job is to understand enough about you and the things you experience, to ensure you don't have a wasted journey. In the future, I am likely to offer services via Skype. It is a medium I have experimented with as a way of delivering something therapeutic, and when I am sure I can offer something worth having, I will make it available on a paid for it basis.

The second thing I am looking for from our conversation is an understanding of the structure of your experience. How it is you experience what you experience? It is not all about treating the symptoms, I treat you as a unique individual.

Our conversation should not be all one way, ask me anything you want to know. I will always answer you honestly. Start your conversation with me now.