Confidentiality Policy

Confidentiality PolicyThis is my confidentiality policy,   I will tell no one about anything, ever. The things we discuss in my therapy room stays in my therapy room. If I believe you are an immediate danger to yourself or others, then I will tell the appropriate authorities.

Untraceable Payments?

– Yes, you can pay me by cash. Credit and debit cards are accepted and the receipt will say Carshalton Osteopath. The receptionist in my building has no knowledge of the problem we will fix together. It is a shared therapy building and it is not her business to know any more than your first name and the time you have booked into see me.

I expect you to be honest with me because I will be with you.
In our first session together my job is to understand the structure of the problem. We will have a two way conversation, I will need to know relevant information about you. You can ask me anything you wish too.


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