A Good and Honest Hypnotherapist

Doing Great Things With Hypnotherapy Since 2007

As a therapist I have two very important things to offer you. Experience and honesty.

Way back in 2007 I graduated from a decent hypnotherapy school and immediately started working with 'real' clients. Since then I have learned a huge amount more. Not every client fits the 'standard model' taught in school, you are all unique. It is impossible to teach experience in school. No client should ever work with a therapist who is 'making it up as he goes along.' Experience matters.

I will also give you honesty. The internet is full of people who claim 'miracle cures' using this thing called hypnotherapy. They are liars. Hypnotherapy is a great tool, which works for most people most of the time. I am comfortable to say, in my therapy room, my hypnotherapy works out very well for about 8 out of 10 people.

So, what about those 2 out of 10? This is my guarantee to you. If in our first session I can not hypnotise you, or I am not the right person to make a difference for you, I will do two good things. I will not charge you any money for me to just try. You need me to actually achieve some hypnosis for you. Second, I will refer you to a therapist whose set of tools may be better suited to your needs. Honesty and ethics matter.

Start your conversation with me, and I will give you an honest answer. 0208 647 7441 Richard@modernhypnotherapy.co.uk Richard@modernhypnotherapy.co.uk

I charge £70 per Hypnosis Session which lasts between 60 and 90 mins.

Since 2007 I am proud to say I have helped a lot of people with a lot of problems - Hypnotherapy works well for most people most of the time; about 8 out of 10 people get a very good result. Start your conversation with me and find out if I can help you too.0208 647 7441

I am located near Sutton and Carshalton in South London, with easy access by train- direct services from London Victoria  London Bridge, St Pancras, or the Northern Line with a change at Balham. If you want free parking, I have got that too.

What Happens In A First Session

In our first session, I need to answer two questions. Can you be hypnotised and what is the structure behind the problem? All the pressure is on me to get the job done, as well it should be. There will be hypnosis in our first session; it is not all just talk. ....>Read More<

Confidentiality Policy

This is my confidentiality policy: the things we discuss in my therapy room stay in my therapy room.  The only exception is, if I believe you are an immediate danger, to yourself or to others, then I will tell the appropriate authorities....>Read More<

Sex Anxiety

I run a specialist clinic for male sex anxiety and have done since 2007. I work with men who have ruled out the physical, for them it is not a failure because of a physical medical condition, it is all about what is going on in their heads....>Read More<